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A Dutch word means ‘consciousness’.
Depicting our philosophy of consciousness and mindfulness in pursuing this business.

Bewust for People -

Each ingredient used in Bewust product is carefully evaluated for its impact on people’s taste buds and health so that our consumers do not have to trade their health for taste & comfort.
We follow rigorous transparency in our labels so that our customers be mindful of their consumption and can make informed decisions about spending their money on Bewust.

Bewust for Planet -

The processes and technologies we imply in our food craft is carefully chosen. We do not want our science to be responsible for the environmental deterioration in any possible way.
"Simply put, we want to create foods which are pro-people and pro-planet".

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Debashish, Odisha

I'm in love with the entire cookie range and would define Bewust as a Brand which delivers absolutely lips smacking snacking options made out of the best companion of health i.e. Millets


Mahima, Pune

Bewust oats cookies and bajra tutty fruity cake are to die for! They are my favourites out of all and the best part is that you can indulge in them guilt-free because they are healthy. Just can't believe how something so healthy could be so yummy too! ❤️


Rishi Raj Singh, Kerala

Bewust cookies are nutritious and tasty. I can get these even in Kerela on order. Its a must to add in your daily routine. I  recommend this product wholeheartedly.

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