Our Story

We are a group of Food scientists, big time foodies and avid readers of food labels.


When we got tired of finding the 'right kind of snacks' we decided to amalgamate our collective skills of art, science and commerce of food into a business idea called 'Bewust'.
We intend to create the best possible concord between taste, health and nutrition.


And our first project is- revamping Bakery Industry using millets, natural fats and sugars via ethical food science manoeuvres.

People are talking about us


Akansha Srivastava, Lucknow

Before being a superfan of Bewust cookies and cakes, I never looked at delicious snacking as something which can be equally virtuous for health. They are bringing back the legacy of Millets in a form which can never disappoint our tatse buds. Cheers to 'Conscious Snacking'!


Khiv Singh Bhati, Bikaner

Bewust Foods cakes and cookies are healthy, energetic and tasty. From the youngest one in my family to the senior one all love Bewust Products.


Praveen Kaur, Dublin

My tea has two companions one is Boo, my pet cat and another one is Bewust my favourite millet cookies. My energy levels are booming after I started consuming these cookies. You should definately give it a try!!

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