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Tanu Shree Singh

From Lucknow, she came to Rajasthan for her Masters, did her government-funded research on Bajra (Pearl millet). Tanu holds a Gold medal and National fellowship in Foods and Nutrition, she is a hardcore foodie, research enthusiast and an avid reader of Clinical Nutrition.

Worked in various states of India, Tanu's work experience ranges from being a Dietitian in an internationally acclaimed corporate hospital to a Research Fellow and Lecturer in various government organizations.

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Sonia Grover

A girl from Punjab who always dreamt of having her food truck, Sonia is a trained dietitian from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She loves to bake and experiment with different flavour & ingredient profiles.

Tanmay Singh

As a young boy, food and travel channels always attracted Tanmay. While his peers were immersing in computers he was exploring the world of food industries on the discovery channel.

A graduate in food tech, he visited and worked in many food companies and witnessed the blatant use of chemicals for the sake of taste and shelf life.

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Reema Rathore

From the land of Rajasthan itself, Reema has always been passionate about Food Science. A doctorate in Food Science, Reema has extensive experience in Research with many publications to her name.

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