Dr. Ankush Sharma, Jaipur

Marvellous cookies "BEWUST COOKIES"

Must try

Shashank Bhatiya, Jaipur

Bewust is a brand which takes us back to our basics. Lead by a team of nutritionists they offer various options for guilt-free snacking. They use millets in all of their products. I have tried almost all their offerings and love their Bajra & Ragi Dark Chocolate cookies the most. A special mention to the Bajra Brownies which are unbelievably good. Stuff made from millets is an acquired taste, once you eat a few you start loving and appreciating what Team Bewust is doing.


Dr Sameena Mehtab, Pant Nagar

Bewust multigrain cookies take my life BackToBasics. It gives an original, relaxing and healthy feeling that refreshes my energy whenever I eat it. Bewust cookies are a perfect mix of super ingredients combinations - ragi, bajra, oats, and prebiotics with delicious chocolates, zeera, cashew, and almonds. It's packing is really impressive with biodegradable materials that I can reuse as penholders. I strongly recommend Bewust cookies as healthy and tasty snacks especially for kids, elderly persons, college-going students and working women.

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